Alfred Caves (Diglipur)


There are more than 41 unknown caverns in Diglipur, one of which was called Alfred caves after a scientist who found it. These limestone caverns are comparable to those seen in Baratang, but due to the surrounding vegetation, they are entirely hidden. A walk to these caverns is not for the faint of heart, since they are beautiful yet tough to reach.

A one-hour journey via tiny forest pathways is required to reach the caverns. It is necessary to hire a guide since navigating the tangled forest pathways might be difficult. After approximately an hour of trekking, you will reach a forest from where you may journey to two or three different caverns. The ideal time to explore the caverns is from October to April, as the trails are slick and dangerous during the rainy season.

All adventure enthusiasts who intend to visit this place should be aware that it is a fully wild and non-touristic location, so do not anticipate luxury transport or other amenities. Remember to bring a decent pair of sneakers and lots of drink.

Swiftlet birds nest in the Alfred caverns, making them a natural home for these species. After the birds have left the nests, the edible nests are sold and are highly prized in Chinese cuisine. Other creatures, particularly bats, can be found in the vicinity. It is critical to keep an eye out for these animals while also protecting their habitat. Littering and natural disasters are not taken lightly by the forest service.


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