Mud Volcano (Diglipur)

mud volcano-diglipur
mud volcano-diglipur

Mud volcano is a natural beauty buried amid North Andaman's deep jungles. Several tiny muddy craters may be discovered 40 kilometres north of Diglipur, near Shyam Nagar hamlet. Natural gases generated by decomposing organic stuff underground form these craters, which steadily push the mud upwards. Most of the time, there is only a mound of dried mud and little bubbling puddles, so it isn't a great sight. However, visitors may walk about 41 active muddy craters while taking in the scenery and fauna. Early in the morning is the ideal time to go since the temperature is cooler and the weather is less humid.

A Quick Overview of Mud Volcano (Diglipur)

The Mud Volcano is a long journey from Diglipur and a diversion from the district's other attractions. You'll need 35-45 minutes to get here, as it's around 25 kilometres from the market and 30 kilometres from the jetty. Your taxi, two-wheeler, or auto-rickshaw will be parked at a small opening in the tropical bush, from where you will have to walk for around 15 minutes via a little steep and narrow forest route to witness the mud volcanos.


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