Saddle Peack (Diglipur)


The majestic Saddle Peak, located near Diglipur, rises from the thick evergreen forest and offers stunning views of the North and Middle Andaman coasts. It is the highest point in the Bay of Bengal archipelago, standing at 732 metres. The deep rainforest is home to over 13 unique bird species, 36 indigenous bug species, and 6 indigenous tree species, making it a bio-diverse natural paradise. It has since been designated as a National Park due to the richness of the forest land. Trekking is common on Saddle Peak, which is ideal for adventurers.

The ascent is 8 kilometres long and steep. On a bright day, even the most seasoned hikers could find it difficult! The lone river in the Andamans, Kalpong, runs through the jungle and provides a delightful freshwater stream with drinking water. The trail follows the seashore before cutting through several types of vegetation on its way to the peak. There are three overlooks, with the central one providing the greatest view of the adjacent islands.

How do you go to Saddle Peak?

To reach the summit of the Saddle Peak, you must walk 9 kilometres uphill on foot. The beginning of the hiking trail, on the other hand, is accessible by road and may be accessed by renting a cab, auto-rickshaw, or two-wheeler. Buses go here several times a day, but check the schedules because you'll want to arrive early for the hike. Because Saddle Peak is located within a reserve forest, you will need a forest department permit to walk here. This is accomplished by paying a nominal admission charge.


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